Venerable Midtåsen in Sandefjord:

By: Randi Nørstebø/Vestfoldguide

All photos and footage: Eirik Dahl/Vestfoldguide - Randi Nørstebø/Vestfoldguide

Hotel CEO Morten Christensen wants to let you experience the venerable in the home of Anders Jahre in Sandefjord. Spend 24 hours kind of living like Downton Abbey in this distinctive hotel.

- Midtåsen is the place for the big occasions, Morten Christensen says, opening the grand main doors into the private home of the shipowner. Here, everything is set up for a wedding with 80 guests.

The new hotel CEO walks straight through the historical building and opens the doors to the park, which is glowing in the sun, and with the city of Sandefjord and Sandefjordsfjorden as a sky-blue backdrop.

Midtåsen was built in 1934 and was drawn by the leading architect of that time; Arnstein Arneberg. The house, which is 1200 square meters, is located on a hill over the city centre of Sandefjord and is surrounded by sixty acres of park.

Perfect for wedding

- This is perfect for a wedding reception, Morten Christensen says, showing how the guests can be lead further into the Arneberg-room for a better dinner.

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