MiA – Museums in Akershus

– consists of 20 museums totalling 34 unique visitor locations across the whole region.

Our museums convey the rich history and culture of Akershus, ranging from coastal culture in Follo and Asker, agriculture in Romerike, log driving in the wetlands Nordre Øyeren, to historical buildings and railways.

MiA aims to show the past, but also strives to be a part of the future through contemporary exhibitions, ecological farming, biology and much more.

Explore culture in Akershus through:

  • Family friendly activities

  • Local food

  • Guided tours

  • Open-air museums

  • Historical railway tours

  • Exhibitions, concerts and theatre

List of all of our museums

Visit the Museums in Akershus

Our local museums around the region depict a diverse and colorful Akershus. Close to Oslo, but still unknown to many, with an interesting history and exciting destinations.


Asker and Bærum

Nedre Romerike

Øvre Romerike


Competence centres


Maiken Frisch