Eidsvoll Museum

Eidsvoll museum

There are several sights: Feiring Jernverk (iron extraction), St. Pauls iron mine, Carsten Ankers house, Eidsvoll municipal museum and Eidsvoll occupation museum (World war two)

Opening hours

The occupation museum and Eidsvoll municipal museum is open  
June-August 12:00-16:00
Tuesday - Sunday

Eidsvoll museum Spetalsvegen, 2080 Eidsvoll Telefon +47 66 93 66 34

Eidsvoll municipal museum and Eidsvoll occupation museum 

Address: Spetalsvegen 60, 2080 Eidsvoll, Norway

Directions to Feiring jernverk, St. Pauls gruve i Feiring og Carstens Ankers lysthus

Feiring jernverk – alternative 1: Drive FV 33 and turn to the left in what is called Stubberuddalen. Follow signs towards "Feiring jernverk" Parking at Eftasmyra, and then walk for 15 minutes towards Feiring jernverk.

Feiring jernverk – alternative 2: Drive FV 33 to the Feiring. Follow signs towards "Feiring jernverk". The roads you drive are: Kjerkelinna – Bamrudvegen – Dalbekkvegen. Appr. 9 km on gravel road. After parking by the lake Atthaldsdammen you walk for appr. 20 minutes towards Feiring jernverk.

To see the St. Pauls mine you have to go on a guided tour, which is held a couple of times a year.  NB! The mine is NOT close to Feiring jernverk.  Drive FV 33 til Stubberuddalen. Follow signs towards "St. Pauls gruve". Parking at Skomakerbakken, and then walk for 20 minutes on a path in the forest towards "St. Pauls gruve". 

Carsten Ankers lysthusDrive FV 33 and turn to the left in Stubberuddalen. Follow signs towards Feiring jernverk opp Stubberudvegen.  After parking at Eftasmyra you walk for 10 minutes on a gravel road to Kristenkollen.

Address: 2093 Feiring

Guided tours in English available


Maiken Frisch