The Norwegian Cancer Society's Science Centre

In The Norwegian Cancer Society's Science Centre you can discover how 35 billion cells cooperate to make your body work. Skin cells protect against invaders, while blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients around your body. Most of the time, the cells function properly, but sometimes things go wrong.

Did you know that, in the time it takes you to read this sentence,  your body has produced 85 million new cells?

Through the science centre's interactive installations, you can learn about cancer, how to prevent and treat it, and what technology can do to help, now and in the future.

The centre is open to all, and entry is free, but visitors are encouraged to give a small donation if they can.
Groups may book guided tours outside of normal opening hours.

Meeting rooms and events
The Cancer Society's Knowledge Centre is an attractive and inspiring meeting space, offering 600 square metres across two floors. Here organisations, researchers, government agencies, technology companies and health institutions can meet for conferences, seminars, meetings and events.

Maiken Frisch