The Norwegian Skating Museum

The Skating Museum

- a journey from sea ice and canals to indoor superspeed


Welcome to an exhibition that puts the spotlight on skating as an Olympic, and which also reflects the magnitude of skating in the past as well as in present times

The Skating Museum was established in 1914, and is based on the victory trophies of Axel Paulsen and Oscar Mathisen, the skating legends of the two past centuries, as well as a huge collection of trophies, skates and skate-related items from the old times and until today. Sonja Henie and the history of figure skating are also on display, as well as all winners of speed skating’s Oscar Trophy. The museum is based on the contribution of volunteers and is owned by a foundation with Oslo Skøiteklub, the Norwegian Skating Association and Oslo Sports District as participants. 

We hope that your visit will give you a stimulating experience. The museum is under continuing development, and we would be delighted if you have comments and suggestions for our future existence.

Maiken Frisch