Lobster Safari


Everyone should once in a lifetime experience what it’s like to go out in the early morning, in the dark, in Oslofjord - to fish for lobster. The autumn darkness, nature is shifting of dark blue, yellow and so pink.

When we go out to fish lobster we always start with a safety breifing in the boathouse. After that we have 4 hour of fishing to look forward to!

On lobster safaris, participants voyage through coastal waters with a skipper, helping to haul up and reset the pots of black gold. Afterwards, guests learn how to prepare, cook and eat this prized crustacean.

Rules for lobster fishing

From 1 October at 08:00 you can fish lobster throughout the country. Lobster fishing is subject to strict rules for securing the stock. Anyone who is going to fish lobster must register before fishing starts. This applies to recreational fishermen and fishermen alike. Here you will find a registration form.

  • Requirement for registration for the fishing

  • The blow must be marked with name, address and registration number.

  • Teins should be smoked at least once a week.

  • Required with decomposable cotton thread in the escape opening.

  • The escape opening for lobster fishing is Ø60 mm and for crab fishing the requirement is Ø80 mm.

  • Max 10 tines per boat

The minimum size across the country is 25 centimeters, and a maximum dimension of 32 centimeters applies along the Skagerrak coast.

Lobster with roe is totally protected

The lobster season for recreational anglers lasts from 1 October to 30 November.