-the Bemusementbar of Discontent

What is the Bemusementbar of Discontent? 
The Bemusementbar of Discontent is a fully functioning licensed bar, open from Tuesday to Saturday all year round.
The Bemusementbar of Discontent is a walk-in artwork. 
The Bemusementbar of Discontent is a total experience, an adventure bar. 
The Bemusementbar of Discontent takes its theme from the premises' and the building's history and spins new narratives from the past up to and including the present. 

FUNCTIONAL ART IS BACKWith the Bemusementbar of Discontent the reincarnation of functional art is rising like a phoenix from the ashes of figurative art, appearing once again as relevant on today's art scene! 

The Bemusementbar of Discontent is functional art. 
Art meant to be used = functional art! You, in other words, USE the art. You can make salad in an elaborately designed handmade salad bowl, you can chop vegetables on a creatively executed chopping board, you can masturbate with an artistically carved mahogany dildo (ha ha, couldn't help myself). In this case you'll be using the Bemusementbar of Discontent as you would use a bar - to consume alcoholic beverages (abstainers no admission). The only way you are able to stay inside the Bemusementbar of Discontent over a longer period of time - is to actively discourage the crappy vibes, the horrible mood, the feeling of general discontent - with alcohol (hep - hep). Without alcohol the Bemusementbar of Discontent would not be considered a complete work of art (sjalabais). The concept is no concept without a glass filled to the brim (cin cin). A license to serve alcohol is the very essence of this art project (kanpai). Beer, wine, sløsh is so ingrained in the art-experience that guests have no choice but to drink (Kippis). You just can't stand it for 5 minutes without a drinkie winkie in your hand (have another mate, it's not on the house)! 

The Bemusementbar of Discontent - a functional bar serving beer, wine and sløsh - with it's well known effects that suppress pain, anxiety and the burden of existence and last, but not least - discontent (prosit). You are able to endure even an ultracrappy place like the Bemusementbar of Discontent - with a drink in hand (na zdravye)! 

Enter the rooms and feel the pain. First the Paranoia room, YES, you are under surveillance! Second the Schizophrenia room, if you're not nuts already, prepare yourself to go cra-ah-a-zyyyy! Then, the Anxiety room sit down and feel the Angst; it literary opens up like an abyss underneath your feet. Finally, go up on the second floor and enter the Looney bin and experience "Showtime"! Gulp down a few more drinks in order to endure it, most likely you'll have to be carried down the stairs again (and thrown out). 

Maiken Frisch