Magic Ice: Ice Bar & Gallery

Magic Ice Bar Oslo – A Unique Attraction

Welcome to an enchanted atmosphere, a magical adventure! You will find Magic Ice Located in the heart of downtown Oslo near Grand Hotel and Hotel Bristol.

Inside you will find of course a fantastic Ice Bar, but you will also find some of the most popular, renowned or famous artists from Norway. One of them is Norway’s most popular artist; he was a painter, lithographer, etcher, and wood engraver. He is looked upon as one of the most significant influences on the development of German and Central European expressionism. His convulsed and tortuous art was formed by the misery and conflicts of his time, and, even more important, by his own unhappy life. Childhood tragedy, intense and dramatic love affairs, alcoholism, and ceaseless traveling are reflected in his works.

The entrance to Magic Ice is the gateway to an adventure both fantastic and far removed from everyday life – a feeling of being beamed over to the Arctic. The entire permanent exhibition is constructed of crystal clear ice – even the glasses at the bar are ice! The exhibition consists of dramatically-lit sculptures and installations with colorful LED lighting to further enhance the ice experience. This presentation arouses the senses of sight, sound and touch. By blending in music and the glow of candlelight, a uniquely magical atmosphere is created.

Magic Ice is a concept designed to provide guests with an exceptional experience. This is known as a “wow” attraction, the kind that most people have never seen before – a fantastic natural ice blue world created entirely of ice.

Snow and ice art embrace various means of expression such as sculpture, installation art, scenography, land art and architecture, both indoors and out. Enhancing the enjoyment of this experience are the varied forms of expression created by snow and ice.

Magic Ice expresses the bond between Man and Nature in a unique way, forming an arena among ice crystals with authenticity and purity. It is designed for a unique world of magic and fun, alive with detail.

In a magical fairy tale adventure with the wondrous surroundings of snow and ice, Magic Ice presents a truly magical experience, which includes the biggest ice bar in the world.

In addition to Magic Ice’s core product – the ice galleries have a souvenir store that sells an assortment of souvenirs related to the Magic Ice exhibition. These items include Norwegian knitting, t-shirts, cups, postcards, and figures of the exhibition, key chains, and other items featuring the Magic Ice logo.

Magic Ice is a true winter wonderland that allows guests to become totally immersed in the extraordinary atmosphere of this dynamic new realm of ice, history, and art – providing magical fun to the entire family!

You will get your welcome drink served in an ice glass while looking at great art.

Maiken Frisch